Why a Community Bank Should Be Your Trusted Lender

Why A Community Bank Should Be Your Trusted Lender

For years, the big guys’ have always beaten up the little guys. Some people often think community banks are “too small” to compete with other bigger lending institutions, but in reality, working with a community lender offers a great deal of benefits because we are small. Community banks should be your trusted lender for various reasons.

Because we are a smaller bank, we are able to ensure that all of our employees—regardless of their role—are knowledgeable and well-informed of the various processes of our bank. Community banks are able to be hands-on with all of our clients and are able to add that special touch that bigger banks may be lacking. Another benefit to being “smaller” is that community banks do not have as many customers as larger banks, which means each client is that much more important to take care of. We guarantee that each client gets more time and more energy from us, by putting our customers first!

Moreover, when you do your banking through a community bank, you are “shopping local.” You support your community, and your local businesses by having your loans through a community bank. Quantum National Bank is locally-owned and operated. We are a small business serving small businesses and all of our decisions are made locally by bankers who live, work and play in the same communities that we serve.

When you do your banking with a community bank, you don’t worry about dealing with automated messages, long lines or complicated issues. By doing business with a community bank, we are able to find solutions to help make complicated transactions and loan requests, which meet certain criteria, approved. We also have faster turnaround times and can get you your information sooner than expected at larger institutions. Furthermore, the customer service you receive is far superior to that of bigger banks. Since we take an individualized approach, we are able to set up meetings in your office, on your time, to keep you from losing too much time out of your workday. You have the ability to meet with your loan officers one-on-one, whenever you need to because we are always here for you. The relationship that you are able to build with your community bank loan officer will surely shine compared to other financial relationships you’ve had in the past. We are dedicated to growing your business while nurturing the relationship at hand.

All in all, there are a number of factors to consider while choosing your lender. Thankfully, we make that easy for you. Knowing that you have a community lender available is essential when choosing your lender. It’s not always about finding a low rate, or the “best deal.” In the long run, customer service and customer care are what helps a community bank stand out. It’s not about selling a product, it’s about educating your customer, providing for your customer; and helping them make the best choices.


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